Melanie Winiger

Melanie Winiger

Godparent of Kindercity

Although the Kindercity in Volketswil is younger than many of its young visitors, it has blossomed into a popular destination for parents and children in the short time since its opening in 2004. The leisure time center has an average of 250,000 visitors per year.

At the 4th birthday party, Melanie Winiger was made the "Gotti of Kindercity".

Children were allowed to sit on the lap of the former Miss Switzerland and could get a picture with her ​​on a magnificent throne.

Melanie Winiger

Celebrities are thrilled about Kindercity!

Many celebrities for example Gilles Tschudi, Brigitte McMahon, Fiona Hefti, Trudy Gerster, Stefan Angehrn, Boris Smiljanić and Jeanette Macchi-Meier are thrilled about the concept of Kindercity and support us for example as helpers by Mini Super10kampf.